solo show «Lalita Banana Split» Wecollect London, UK.


Art installation for the Paddle8 headquarters. NYC, USA.

Booths and canopies for Port Everglades. Miami, USA.


“Wild style” at CEART Fuenlabrada. Madrid, Spain.

“Placas Tectónicas” solo Show in Castellana 22 for Wecollect. Madrid, Spain. 2017

“Drishti” Solo Show at Galleria Patricia Armocida. Milano, Italy.

“Mural at TEC Monterrey” Mexico, curated by Arto and Celaya Brothers Gallery.

“Aqui vive un Artista”. Artist in residence at Ca2M Museum Madrid, Spain.


“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” Solo Show  at “Le Pilori”. Niort, France.

Mural para “Le 4e Mur” and “Winterlong gallerie”. Niort, France.

Mural for Facebook headquarters. London, United Kingdom.


Mural “La biblioteca de Babel”, at “Casa del Lector”, Matadero, Madrid. España.

Mural for Facebook headquarters. Madrid, España.

“Mango Chile”solo show and residency at  Celaya Brothers Gallery Ciudad de México,DF.


“En la frontera” Solo Show at Galería Astarté Madrid, España.

Intervention at “Parque científico y tecnológico”, Barcelona, España.


“Punto Volado”. Solo show at Delimbo Art Space Sevilla, España.


“Paisaje de fondo” Solo Show at “SKL” Mallorca, España.


“Nirox arts fundation “residency at Johannesburgo SudAfrica, project, at Museum of contemporary art. Johannesburgo “JAG”.


“Mirilla” Solo Show at ” Turbo” Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Mural at “Fundación Miró”. Palma de Mallorca, España.


“Instalación for Loewe“, Spanish embassy Tokio, Japan.

“Eigenkunstruktion”, Artitude, Berlín, Alemania.

“(x, y, z)”, Solo Show at Galería Vacío9. Madrid, España.


“Outside In”, Galería The Arches. Glasgow, Escocia.


“Complémentaires”, Galería Vacío 9. Madrid, España.



“Mural Viral» exhibition curated by Rodrigo Alonso at El Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

«Solo Project» for «Art Madrid» curated by Nerea Ubieto. Spain.

«Calle»exhibition at Conde Duque Curated by Lucila Urda in Madrid,Spain.

«Mural» at k-live Sete,France.

«Mural» curated by Eric Surmont for E´chape de art in Angers,France.

«Mural» for Granollers Cultura in Granollers Cataluña, Spain.

«Titanes» with «Equipo Plástico»,Silo Manzanares , Spain.


Mural at Urban Skills Festival Alcoy, Alicante, España.

Murals for Seasons of the seas, Royal Caribbean. Curated by Icart. Saint Nazaire, France.

Noa-Noa Artist in residence and project. Bali, Indonesia.

Destination 131 Art fair with Patricia Armocida Gallery and Urvanity. Les halles, Paris.


“Nu Geometry”at Mirus Gallery. San Francisco, EEUU.

“Mural for Muralfestival”. Montreal, Canadá.

“Mural” at «Fundación a la Par» for «coloreando a la par». Madrid, España.

“Mural” at «Ranchito» in Matadero. Madrid, Spain.


“Mural” at «La Escocesa”. Barcelona, España.

Project «Corrientes» with «Eltono»at «Milestone Festival”. Gerona, España.


“Mural” at “BIAM”, Biennale Internationale d’Art Mural. Lille, France.

“Iam x Up Comming”, Galería Kreisler. Madrid, España.

“Miss Van and Nuria Mora works on paper” at Art Gang Gallery. Montreal, Canada.

“Caleidoskope” at Mya Gallery. London, UK.

“1AM anniversary” collective show at 1AM Gallery Sanfrancisco, EEUU.


“Colour sphere” at Mini Gallery. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“Mural” for “Desvelarte”. Santander, España.

“Mural” at Frontier project Bologna, Italy.


“Jugada a tres bandas” “Girls just want to have fun”. Madrid, España.

Absolut Award for “De tal palo tal astilla”. Absolut Art Collection. Stockholm, Sweden.

“Mural” at Betart festival Calvià. Mallorca, Islas Baleares, España.


«Caballo caballo,tigre,tigre” “Equipo Plástico” Show. Beijin, China.

«Nali patio” mural with “Equipo Plástico”. Beijin, China.

“Zaguan” with “Equipo Plástico” at “Instituto Cervantes”. Beijin, China.

«La fabrique des anciens Abattoirs” Murals in Casablanca, Marruecos.

“Mural for El Pais»at ARCO, international contemporary art fair. Madrid, España.


“Gráfika” at ”Instituto Cervantes”. Madrid, Spain.

“Safewalls by Cirque du soleil” traveling exhibition. Madrid, Las Vegas, Houston, London and NYC.

“Gráfika” National Gallery traveling exhibition. Amman, Jordania; Bordeaux, France; Sofia,Bulgaria; Zaragoza, Spain.


“Murals” “Nuria Mora y El Tono” at “Fundació Miró”. Barcelona, Spain.

“One year Helmet Exhibitionat” at Helmet Gallery. Munich, Germany.

“Subglob II” exhibition at Örebro Konsthall. Örebro, Sweden.

Mural at “Poliniza Festival 010” urban art festival. Valencia, Spain.

“Entre la silla y la madre» Equipo Plástico show. Monterrey, Mexico.


“La cuadrada Visión Caleidoscópica de Lima” show with “El Equipo Plástico”. Lima, Perú

Smart Project mural at Marginal Pinheiros. Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Mural at “Doméstico 09”. Madrid, Spain.


Murals at “Alternatilla Festival”. Mallorca, Spain.

Mural at “Festival aptitudes”. Córdoba, Spain.

Mural at “Street art village”. Sicilia, Italy.

Mural at “Street Art Tate Modern”. London, United Kingdom.

“Nomadaz” exhibition at Scion gallery. Los Angeles, USA.


Tagtool and Equipo Plástico colaboration at Centro Huarte, Pamplona.

Tagtool and Equipo Plástico colaboration for “La Noche en Blanco”. Madrid, Spain.

“Planet process” Kreuzberg project at Berlín, Germany.

Mural at “Arte Urbano” urban art festival at Alcobendas. Madrid, Spain.

Murals at “Cosmopoética” poetry festival. Córdoba, Spain.

Exhibition with Vacío9 Gallery at ARCO’07 art fair. Madrid, Spain.

“Privé och público” exhibition with Galleri54. Göteborg, Sweden.

“Pintura Mutante” exhibition at MARCO museum. Vigo, Spain.

“Rendez vous Lavapiés” exhibition at “Galería Cruce”. Madrid, Spain

“Segundo Asalto” exhibition. Zaragoza.Spain.


Mural at “Cultura Urbana 06” urban art festival. Madrid, Spain

“Etoiles Urbaines”exhibition at Espace Beaurepaire. Paris, Francia.

Exhibition with Vacío9 Gallery at ARCO’06 art fair. Madrid, Spain.

«I Bienale de Arte contemporáneo Fundación Once” exhibition at Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid, Spain.


“Gold” exhibition curated by Rojo at Urbis Artium Gallery. San Francisco, USA

“TRANSIT ’05” art fair exhibition.  Kodra, Grecia.

Six murals at “Arte Publica” urban art festival. Guimarães, Portugal.

“Urban edge” exhibition at P4 Gallery. Milan, Italy.

“Gold” exhibition curated by Rojo at Stay Gold Gallery. New York, USA

Exhibition with Vacío9 Gallery at ARCO’05 art fair. Madrid, Spain.


“Something else…” exhibition at Vinyl Factory. Londres, United Kingdom.

“Nusign 2.4” exhibition at Artcore Gallery. Paris, Francia.

“Interferencias urbanas” exhibition at La Casa Encendida. Madrid, Spain.

“Edición Madrid III”exhibition at Antigua sede de la Real Compañía Asturiana de Minas. Madrid, Spain.


Mural at Galería Artificial. Madrid, Spain. 

Urban intervention at “Photo España 03”. Madrid, Spain.


Interior mural at “Doméstico ’01” pop-up gallery. Madrid, Spain.